MAGDALENA'S GHOST is available on Amazon.co.uk as a kindle ebook and NOW ALSO AS a PAPERBACK.

It is a story that is selling well and seems to have been well received across the globe - it has clearly caught the imagination of many readers.

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Magdalena's Ghost is very easy to read, it plods along at a sensible pace without the reader being able to seperate the red herrings from the real clues. But readers have said they just had to keep on reading, and for some it was scary, for others it was not too scary; the one thing they have all said is that they were compelled to read and read until the end. And then the big surprise - the ending has not been guessed yet, but the ending makes the story complete when the mystery is solved and the story all comes together. Read it and find out.


Magdalena's Ghost is a paranormal mystery as follows:

When a young couple, travelling in their camper van, stumble across a very large and very old house hidden behind an overgrown garden, little do they realise it is haunted by one of its former occupants. But it isn't just an ordinary haunting, there has been an age-old mystery which has remained unsolved for many decades:


Magdalena was a beautiful, talented, and sophisticated woman, a renowned sculptress and gifted artist. She lived a priviliged lifestyle with her debonair husband, six year old son, and ten year old daughter in Juniper House, in Gallows Lane, in a remote hamlet close to the Cumbria/Yorkshire borders. But in 1958 her husband and son go missing and are never seen or heard of again. Magdalena is devastated and never recovers from the tragic loss and several years later her daughter abandons her, leaving her alone to deal with her anguish. She continues to live a reclusive life alone in the house as she waits in vain for her son to return. In her old age, the daughter returns to claim her inheritance and to have her mother sectioned and Magdalena spends the remaining years of her life as an old woman in an asylum. But when she dies she finally returns to Juniper to haunt the daughter, driving her insane until she suffers the same fate.

PRESENT: When the young couple buy the house and begin to renovate it, unknown forces start to drive a wedge between them and soon they begin to drift apart. Sinister things start to happen and they unearth a secret which has remained a mystery for decades.

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Peppi Hilton