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Peppi Hilton

One of the many questions asked is what inspired me to write "The Appointment" and I can answer that quite easily because it was not a planned novel but one which popped into my head as follows: Many years ago, when driving along a particular country road, I was intrigued by a house hidden behind a multitude of trees and in an elevated position. The chimneys and Italianate towers were all that could be seen from a distance, above the trees. Many years later, the trees were cut back as other buildings, belonging to the property and its grounds, were being developed. I could see the house very clearly and moreover it was being offered for sale. The house was very ancient and it immediately inspired me to write a ghost story, a genre that I had never considered before. I am currently monitoring 'The Appointment' because there is a sequel lined up if the sales and reviews justify it and it will be announced after the publication of "Dangerous Attraction". I know many readers have made it known that they are longing for the sequel to be published and I am hoping they won't have long to wait. I would hate to disappoint them and the outline is already written.
This novel is a supernatural thriller with a mystery which links the past to the present in a most frightening way. Twists and turns will keep you guessing until the end and only when you turn the last page will you discover the final sinister outcome.
Go to Amazon to choose either the Kindle edition or the paperback printed edition. But be prepared for the chilling story and the cliffhanger ending. Full outline and sample chapters available now on Amazon.


"Dangerous Attraction" is a romance novel, which is finished but is currently awaiting re-editing and re-formatting for Amazon. Watch out for update and more information.

A very brief outline whilst awaiting editing:

Cameron Fox Dalooze is a Southern American gentleman. He is incredibly handsome, enigmatic and fabulously wealthy. Having fallen in love with the English countryside and its culture, he buys and renovates a stately home and turns it into a highly successful business park. A chance meeting with the beautiful and elusive Jade O'connor, prompts him to make her an offer she can't refuse, as part of his plan to make her his possession. But Jade has not quite recovered from a recent catastrophic affair with her ex-employer and lover, and she is off-limits to any future relationships - at least for the foreseeable future. She has emerged from the break-up as a stronger and wiser person and she has no intentions of weakening to Mr Dalooze's irresistable and charismatic charm, even though the temptation is strong. And she has no intentions of entering a liason with a man who clearly has a wife and family back home.

If you are interested in knowing when this will be published please send a comment.