FOR YOU. A book of Poetry, now published on Amazon, to suit all ages and all backgrounds. You don't have to be a poetry buff to read these verses. Each one tells a story many of which were based on true events and written over several decades. The printed version is available as well as the kindle edition. The book contains 50 poems, 49 written by the author and the 50th and final one is by an unknown writer and is dedicated to all my readers, friends, family and acquaintances. The book, as a paperback would make a nice gift to give to someone you know, or care about, as it is easy to dip into if too tired to read a novel. Some poems are about love, heartbreak, loss and bereavement, some are humorous and will make you smile or even laugh out loud, some will send you into deep reflective thought, but there is a story, or a moral, contained in the majority of them. Make this your bedtime 'night cap' before you go to sleep. ~And please remember that if you purchase any of my books would you be so kind to add a review on Amazon, it really is easy to do, and does help other readers, as well as myself to make judgement about what people really enjoy. Thank You. Although thousands have read and are still reading the books, they do not leave reviews, if they did it would make so much difference, but I suppose we are all the same once we have read a book we go onto another and so on and do not think about leaving reviews at all.

If you go to or and type in PEPPI HILTON with the title FOR YOU, or any other book title which has been published they will come up. Sample chapters are available on novels, and sample verses are available to read on the Poetry Book.